An Entrepreneur- A living legend

People who dream and believe in themselves, will never go back to sleep until they accomplish their dream. People who choose to put in great effort and are ready to face challenges while they start their own venture are known to be entrepreneurs. They are not the people who have millions and so they choose to invest, as not all those who won millions in promos and lotteries invest their money to set up a business; they are those who have their names written on the pages of time as the great entrepreneurs who know the art of bringing ideas from the world of forms to the world of reality.

Behzad Daniel Ferdows is one such entrepreneur, who strongly believes in opportunities and knows the strategies to organize resources effectively to accomplish the set goals. The UAE knows Behzad Ferdows as one of the most important figures in the world of construction and manufacturing. He was born in Switzerland and spent a huge part of his life in there before initiating his company in the UAE and relocating to the Emirates.

Mammut Industries started from scratch has now reached the skies of the industrial contracting and manufacturing in the UAE. Behzad Ferdows has created an exemplary reputation and name, as the CEO and shareholders at Mammut Industries, over the years. With his zeal and diligence, Mammut Industrial Group has victoriously become one of the prime and credible brands in the field of construction in the Middle East.

Mammut Group FZCO

Mammut Industrial Group has acquired the position of being one of the pre-eminent companies for its excellent, state-of-the-art transportation and construction projects in both the national and international markets. The Group is considered to be one of the largest industrial contracting and manufacturing companies in the Middle East and is the top-notch manufacturer of pre-engineered steel and pre-cast concrete through processes that are parallel to the highest European standards.

Mammut Industrial Group aims to meet up with the global requirements for standard construction products. Since its inception, Mammut lays great emphasis on the quality of the products and strives to implement unconventional approaches in production processes and also in launching these products in the international markets.

A company can only achieve success when the person running its operations is dedicated to his work and cater to his team and customers with honesty and loyalty. Behzad Ferdows is one such CEO who has always been looked upon as an inspiring leader and motivating entrepreneur.