Pros and cons of home delivery systems

From the viewpoint of a restaurant there are many benefits as well as drawbacks of delivering food to their customer’s home. The benefits are more that’s why every restaurant is now started offering this healthy lunch delivery Dubai to their customers. People like to have food at their doorstep instead of going out and get food for them as it needs their time and effort to do so. On the other hand when they opted for home delivery then they just order and wait at their home to get delivered and in the meantime they can do any of their important work without wasting their time. They can also order shakes Dubai especially in summers when the weather is too hot and you they need to get refreshed. Here are some pros and cons of offering home delivery:

Pros: The main benefit of home delivery is that it will increase the sales because people like to have meals at their doorstep. Another benefit is that it will give more opportunity to serve more people as many people are there who not want to get out of their comfort zone so by offering home delivery you can increase your business opportunity. When you start home delivery then if you get more customers then it will decrease your fuel prices. There is an amazing benefit that when you get attached with any of the home delivery company then you will get more exposure to new customers because there are more people using these apps and you will reach to them.

Cons: A great disadvantage to the home delivery is that you will have less control over the experience of your customer who gets meal from your restaurant. If they get the food delivered late due to any reason or if they get the cold food then they will give your restaurant bad ratings and it will affect your overall reputation. You cannot control the traffic on the ride or a blocked road so either you have to tell these things in advance or you have to increase your delivery time in order to provide the food within time despite the different factors that hinder in your on-time delivery. Another disadvantage is that you have to do more work because previously you were fewer customers in-house but now you have to entertain more customers.