Rules You Need To Know Before Joining A Drama Class

Joining drama classes Dubai can be an exciting and enriching experience that allows you to explore your creativity, develop acting skills, and express yourself on stage. However, like any educational setting, drama classes often have certain rules and guidelines in place to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. Before you enroll in a drama class, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these rules. Here are some common rules you need to know before joining a drama class:

Respect for others:

Respecting your fellow classmates, instructors, and the space itself is essential. Treat others with kindness, empathy, and courtesy. Listen actively when others are speaking, and avoid interrupting or speaking over others. Be open to different ideas, perspectives, and feedback from your peers and instructors.

Punctuality and attendance:

Arrive on time for each class and notify your instructor in advance if you cannot attend. Regular attendance shows commitment to the class and allows for consistent progress. Being punctual demonstrates respect for your fellow classmates and instructors, as well as the class structure and schedule.


Come to class prepared and ready to participate. This includes having any required materials or scripts, wearing appropriate attire, and completing any assigned readings or exercises. Being prepared allows for efficient use of class time and ensures that you can fully engage in the activities and discussions.

Focus and attention:

Maintain focus and pay attention during class. Limit distractions such as cell phones or personal conversations that can disrupt the learning environment. Engage actively in class activities, exercises, and discussions. Being present and attentive enables you to make the most of the learning opportunities provided.

Collaboration and teamwork:

Drama classes often involve collaborative work and group projects. Embrace the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. Contribute your ideas, listen to others, and be willing to compromise and collaborate to create a harmonious and successful ensemble. Support your fellow classmates and celebrate their achievements.

Safety and boundaries:

Drama classes may involve physical movement, partnering, and improvisation exercises. It is important to establish and maintain clear boundaries to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Communicate any concerns or limitations to your instructor, and respect the boundaries of your classmates. Consent and respect for personal space are crucial.