2019 Interior Design Trends You Need To Watch Out

2019 is nearing and homeowners are gearing to give their living spaces a brand new look.  This coming year, a number of interior design consultants in Dubai are pretty much excited to apply the latest interior design trends for their upcoming project.

Homeowners can also do their share of home revamp. If you are wondering what these design fads are, read on this list:

  • Lean on nature

Nature has been a constant design trend being applied in numerous interior design projects and structures, constructed by premier interior designers and architects in Dubai. This 2019, expect that this trend will be more apparent but in different applications. For homeowners, they can go for natural tones and hues. If you have turned your living space into a tech-inspired space like what the year 2018 inspired, you can put a touch of nature by using natural elements like concrete, granite, and stone.

  • Try some velvet

Some people may find it tacky to use velvet as an interior design accent, but if used right, it can bring a fresh perspective to your space. Choose a tasteful velvet décor that you can incorporate on your space. But be sure choose something that will go well with your overall design scheme.  If you are going for some furnishings like a velvet couch, be aware of the overall design of the furniture, not just the material.

  • Flower power

Another design trend that is making a big comeback this 2019 is the floral design trend. But unlike the previous years, interior designers are very much cautious about using floral designs on spaces. They like to keep it to a minimum as possible. The accents are just used to highlight certain aspects of the space, especially the focal point. You may want to follow the same route.

  • Geo-patterns

Another trend that can be a little hard to pull off is incorporating geo-patterns on your design scheme. The key is to choose a tasteful pattern that would complement the space.

You can go for bold schemes by using vibrant colors and oversized patterns. But again, be sure it will not overwhelm the space and other design elements in the room.

  • Matte finishing

Gloss have dominated the design scene for years, but matte will be a big thing this 2019. This would go for wall paints, design, and furniture finishing. You can also do some DIY accents and ornaments that will give your space a clean finish and look.